Private Equity
Venture Capital

RTFACT also invests in Private Equity investment to achieve its investment objectives by combining skill, expertise, knowledge, network access, professional infrastructure of human capital at hand, and economies of scale to achieve attractive yields over medium to long term horizons by identifying and investing in value assets of private equity investments within attractive sectors in key developing industries with the right momentum and high potential of growth.

The Fund will target specific targets and specific companies that may require capital injections, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, financing, or other corporate actions and private equity techniques to invest in them, nurture them, and maximize their potential of growth over medium to long term horizons.

Risk Management

Daily monitoring of exposure to individual stocks, each strategy in portfolio, industries and countries
Daily monitoring of exposure to other risk factors including minimum market cap of individual stocks, asset class, liquidity and interest rates
Scenario and sensitivity VaR stress testing analysis
Predetermined stop-loss strategy for individual stock, each strategy in portfolio, as well as tracking maximum drawdowns for each strategy
Monitoring trading costs: broker commissions and stock borrowing costs

Our Counterparties

Our Counterparties

Fund Manager
Ernst & Young
Legal Advisor
Fund Administrator


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